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Kapwa - Filipino for shared humanity, neighbour, and fellow beings.


The spirit of kapwa means to embrace our shared identity, care for each other despite our differences.


This initiative is founded on the spirit of kapwa and the idea that when we begin to take forward steps for ourselves, this creates a ripple effect and can have a significant impact on those around us.

- when we take care of ourselves, we take care of each other. 

how it works

For the month of June, 2.5% of each paid session will go into a fund to cover sessions for clients facing financial barriers, while also ensuring that our mental health practitioners are respected and paid for their time.

who it's for 

- individuals who are unable to access therapy due to financial reasons

- individuals who have been hesitant to try out therapy because of the financial commitment


the details

The initiative will work on a first come first serve basis.


Each person on the list will have two sessions before we move onto the next person.

The client is able to re-add their name to the end of the list after the two sessions once for a total of 3 sessions for each person if needed.


The free sessions are dependent on the paid sessions and so frequency and waitlist time cannot be guaranteed.



how to sign up

Individuals who are interested and who meet the requirements can email with the subject line KAPWA INITIATIVE.

In the email, state which counsellor you would like to see.

If there is no preference, we will match based on mental health needs and goals.


The initiative is grounded in an honour policy.

We will not ask for any proof of salary upon the request to be added to the waitlist and so we ask that this service is respected to ensure that those who need the support, receive the support. 

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