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About Mango Mental Health


As a Filipino-Canadian second generation immigrant, Alia Chan (founder),  grew up in an 'in-between' space; balancing different expectations, different values, different versions of the self. Throughout her own experience of self-discovery and healing, Alia found that connecting to her roots and understanding her familial foundation allowed her to make sense of her experiences and create a cohesive sense of self.

The mango as a symbol

Connection to roots

As the national fruit of the Philippines and a nod to Alia's Filipino lineage, the mango symbolizes a connection to one's cultural roots and past. In therapy, exploring one's roots can be an important part of self-discovery and growth. 


Starting off a small green fruit and transforming into a yellow sweet treat, the mango transformation parallels the personal growth journey that can occur through therapy. Just as a mango transforms, therapy can help transform thoughts, feelings, and behaviours to become the best version of ourselves.


In order to grow, the mango needs to be tended to and cared for. Within the therapeutic space, we learn that taking care of ourselves is an important part of the healing process. By nurturing oneself with positive self-talk, self-compassion, and self-care practices, individuals can strengthen their roots and promote self-growth.



Mangoes are a hardy fruit that can withstand a variety of climates and environments. This resiliency mirrors our own inner strength as humans navigating life's challenges and thriving despite the barriers.

The power in being rooted

Understanding patterns & behaviours

Exploring the past can help identify patterns and behaviours that may have been holding you back. By understanding the root causes of these patterns, we can work to change them and create a more meaningful future.

Healing emotional wounds

It is normal for past events to leave emotional wounds that we feel in our present day. By exploring these wounds in therapy, we begin the process of healing and move forward.

Clarifying values & beliefs

Past experiences play a significant role in shaping shaping our current values and beliefs, and understanding these can help us create a purposeful future. By examining what is truly important, we can begin to make choices and set goals that align with our true values. 

Creating a sense of identity

Our past can be an important part in molding who we are. Taking the time to understand where we come from can help create a sense of purpose and direction for the future.

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