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Individual Counselling In Burnaby
Embark on Your Healing Journey

At Mango Mental Health in Burnaby, we understand that every individual has the inner strength and wisdom to overcome life's challenges and effect meaningful change.


While this intrinsic ability is powerful, there are times when professional support is crucial in navigating complex experiences and mental health concerns.


Recognizing the need for help is a significant first step, and you've already started on this path by exploring our individual counselling services.


At Mango Mental Health, we prioritize establishing a strong, therapeutic relationship as a foundational step in your journey.


We aim to provide a nurturing, compassionate, and secure space where you can freely explore and address your challenges.

Individual needs and experiences in therapy are unique, and our approach reflects this diversity. Our team of Registered Counselors works closely with you, understanding the influence of relational dynamics and systemic factors in the context of your personal struggles.

People seek individual counselling for various reasons. These include but are not limited to:

  • Managing anxiety and depression,

  • Coping with grief,

  • Addressing trauma,

  • Resolving interpersonal relationship issues,

  • Dealing with self-harm.

Some individuals also engage in therapy to explore deeper aspects of their identity, self-esteem, connection, empowerment, purpose, and resilience.

Your specific needs and aspirations for change are unique, necessitating a flexible and adaptive therapeutic approach.


Our counsellors at Mango Mental Health are trained in various modalities and committed to developing therapy goals collaboratively.


We empower you to become the architect of your own change and healing by integrating various perspectives, techniques, and strategies.​

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