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Couples Counselling in Burnaby
Strengthen Your Relationship

A loving relationship is a wellspring of deep connection and security, yet like all precious things in life, it requires dedicated nurturing.


In relationships, particularly romantic ones, we all bring unique perspectives influenced by our family backgrounds and past experiences.


The dynamics of a couple's relationship are also shaped by external challenges such as cohabitation, financial pressures, or parenting.


At Mango Mental Health in Burnaby, we understand that working collaboratively, rather than in opposition, is key to helping couples navigate through life’s various challenges and transitions.

Every couple experiences unique dynamics influenced by individual experiences and external factors. These dynamics can either foster a deeper connection and understanding or, conversely, lead to communication breakdowns, feelings of isolation, or disengagement.


Our relationship counselling aims to create a space where couples can identify and break free from negative interaction cycles, fostering healthier communication patterns.

In the safe and supportive environment of Mango Mental Health, couples can engage in authentic conversations. Effective communication allows partners to delve into underlying issues and past wounds.


Through this process, couples gain a deeper understanding of each other, learning how to provide mutual support through life's ups and downs.


Our goal is to help you build a relationship grounded in authenticity, acceptance, and deep connection.

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