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Family Counselling in Burnaby
Support & Healing

Engaging in family counselling with Mango Mental Health provides a unique opportunity for all family members to express themselves in a safe, supportive environment.


Our experienced counsellors in Burnaby facilitate discussions, helping families to establish effective communication strategies, set family rules, and ensure consistent follow-through for family success. Many families have found that our facilitation enables progress in areas where they previously faced challenges.

The diversity and complexity of modern family dynamics require a specialized approach. At Mango Mental Health, we possess the knowledge, experience, and skills to navigate these intricate family patterns and systemic issues.


Our family counselling sessions focus on addressing various family issues, improving communication patterns, and enhancing interactions among family members. This service is particularly beneficial when significant life changes, stressors, or challenging relationship dynamics cause distress within the family system.

In our experience, families often discover that counselling strengthens their relationships and overall family functioning.

Parenting Support at Mango Mental Health

Parenting, while one of life's greatest joys, can also be immensely challenging. At Mango Mental Health, we understand that every parent faces difficulties occasionally.


Our team offers extensive support in areas such as behavioural management, boosting your child's self-esteem, strengthening attachment, implementing positive discipline, and aligning parenting approaches.


Our aim is to assist your family in becoming the best versions of yourselves, enhancing your relationships and providing you with the tools necessary for effective parenting. 

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